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Dedicated to Teaching Individuals to Swim Confidently

About us


CJB encompasses a range of swimming activities designed to give your child a life long passion for swimming 



Our family run business is a swimming academy that is structured to provide the best possible learning for both children and adults starting from 9 months old. One of our main goals in our programme, is making sure that swimming is an exciting and enjoyable experience for your children. All of our teachers are trained to the highest quality, who are ASA/STA qualified, making sure the standard of teaching is what we believe you deserve. At the end of each term your child receives feedback from our teachers, and achievements are rewarded with our ASA/STA badge scheme. The scheme aims to teach your children to become more competent, confident swimmers who may wish to follow their aspirations to become competitive club swimmers



Why CJB is different...


  • We have a very 'hands on approach' with most teachers in the water with the child up to 100m of unaided swimming

  • A high teacher to pupil ratio with a minimum of 1:3 

  • Dedicated teachers, range of resources and great rapport with parents

  • Most of our teachers come from a high standard of competitve swimming ranging from local club to national level



As well as our learn to swim programme, we also offer Adult Swimming, which includes beginner adults to open water/triathlon coaching. For the open water classes, the instructor has previous competitve background in open water events, therefore giving a range of tactical pointers for anyone wishing to progress in this area. We also offer Adult 1-1 sessions for those who require a little more guidance.



In addition to swimming lessons and coaching, CJB also offer an abundant range of activities including Water polo, Rookie Lifeguard, Personal Survival and Diving. This can involve children wearing clothes, to swim in, to emphasise what would happen in a real life emergency situation.

Drowning prevention week is a popular yearly event , with children fundrasing and learning all aspects of survival and safety in and around water.




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