Charlotte Reynolds


Charlotte began helping at CJB Academy of Swimming as a teenager, and soon realised she had a passion for teaching children. She completed her Assistant Teaching & Coaching Qualification, where she revelled in her new found vocation of swimming. Furthermore, she gained further insight into more competitive swimming through volunteering at Hoylake Swimming Club, where now two of her children attend. This has given Charlotte a vast array of swimming skills, and is constantly gaining more and more awareness into the ever-changing competitive side of the rules and regulations of the sport, so that she can be the best possible teacher.


Having turned 18 she completed her Full Teachers and Coaching Qualification and her RLSS National Pool Lifeguard Qualification before starting university, where she studied Retail Marketing at Manchester. 


After 4 years of University and travelling, she joined her mother Corinne, where SHE ran CJBAS on a temporary basis and has never left.

She is a qualified Rookie Instructor and is hoping to undertake her STA Tutor course next year, where she can train people to become qualified swimming teachers.

Charlotte runs all the Octopus classes, and has various other teachers helping her - also young assistants who are gaining experience and being taught how to teach.


Charlotte is now Director of CJB academy of swimming. 




Corinne Broadhurst


Corinne began her teaching journey with her children's enthusiastic attitude towards swimming. Once she had taken all the relevant qualifications, CJB Academy of Swimming was born in 1996.


Once the swimming school was up and running, within the next few years the school grew and grew, and by 2002 there were 500 children enrolled into the programme. This lead to additional courses being run such as summer intensives, water polo skills, snorkelling and synchro swimming. This meant we could accommodate for all types of hobbies and interests within the water.


With her abundant skills, she is qualified in teaching Diving of Springboards of up to 1m. Furthermore, she taught at Hoylake Swimming Club for many years, alongside running CJB Academy of Swimming.

In 2003, the Academy moved to its new home of Birkenhead High School Academy, and has gone from strength to strength, currently teaching over 650 children per week.

Corinne currently teaches all the Starfish classes, Duckling classes and oversees all the coaching sessions.




Janet Wade


Janet began her journey at CJB in 2008, initially as a volunteer. In 2009 she completed her Level 1 Teaching Qualification, in 2010 her Level 2 and National Pool Life Guard. Additionally, she has numerous years teaching both children and adults with mental and physical disabilities.


Her love for swimming originated as a child, where she learnt to swim from a very young age and then grew into a competitive swimmer at Chester Swimming Club.


In June 2012, she became an RLSS Trainer Assessor and is able to undertake NPLQ (Lifeguard) courses. These courses normally take place during school term holidays, and lifeguard training takes place monthly.


During the Summer of 2015, Janet successfully completed her Level 3 Award in Education and Teaching, which allowed her to become a fully qualified First Aid Tutor as well as a trainer assessor in this field.


Furthermore, she is a member of staff at Birkenhead High School Academy, working as  part of the P.E department in all areas of swimming and the GCSE programme. Her role also includes the training of staff in both Lifeguarding and First Aid.

Janet is an integral part of CJBAS  and oversees all the Angelfish classes and runs the coaching sessions alongside some superb County swimmers, including her eldest son Callum Wade.




Amanda Nicholson

Amanda started her swimming journey at CJB when she was two years old until present day. As swimming has had a huge impact on her life, she began working as an assistant for us at the age of 15. Amanda first helped out with the baby classes and completed her RLSS Lifeguard Qualification in 2013. She then expanded her knowledge of teaching by helping out in different groups and gain more understanding of CJB's Learn to Swim programme.


Furthermore, she gained her Level 1 Teaching Qualification which enabled her to become more independent when teaching the children. She also undertook her Level 2 Teaching Qualification which allows her to lead and teach her own class, conveying her many years of experience with CJB into our classes. Amanda is currently only teaching with CJB for a few months per year as her main priority is teaching with TUI abroad in their holiday resorts and running the swim schools in whichever country TUI places her in. April 2018 saw Amanda relocating to Turkey once again until November and she will remain with CJB until she returns to Menorca 2019 as TUI Academies Team Leader.

Lucy Norman


Lucy began swimming at CJB at the age of 2 and continued to the age of 12.
She first began helping with the Ducklings and Parent and Tot classes in 2012. This is when she realised that she wanted to do more than just help. This in turn meant she completed her Level 1 which led to more responsibility and a wider knowledge of teaching. Lucy then completed her Level 2 Teaching Aquatics and RLSS Pool Lifeguard and now plays an active part in the Duckling sessions three days a week and is a very popular teacher with the children who adore her caring and gentle nature. Lucy is currently at University in Liverpool training to be a primary school teacher, but is at the pool teaching whenever her studies allow.

Matt Holmes

Matt began helping at CJB Academy of Swimming in 2014. Due to thoroughly enjoying this experience,in 2015 he completed his Level 2 Teaching Qualification and in 2016 completed his RLSS Lifeguard Qualification.

Matt began swimming at Hoylake Swimming Club at the age of 6 and competitively swam for over 11 years, often swimming in Hoylakes A team. This experience inspired Matt to begin assisting with younger groups at Hoylake and CJB, helping the younger children to improve their swimming technique and coaching the older swimmers.

Since completing his Level 2 Matt has played an active part in running the Goldfish classes and very much enjoys helping the children to find a love of swimming that he has. Matt has also taken on the role of coaching at a higher standard  and his own swimming background and prior experience of coaching at Hoylake Swimming Club has provided him with valuable skills and tips to pass on to the children.

Matt is currently studying at Liverpool John Moores University and will be able to continue teaching at CJB.

Aaron Fox


Niamh Billington-Sayer


Callum Wade



Rebecka Green 

Becka has swum with CJBAS since the age of 3, and continues swimming for them 16yrs on. In 2014, she started helping with the youngest and most nervous swimmers. Four years on and she now teaches and is in charge of most of the Goldfish and Angelfish classes alongside coaching the Shark classes, who have just moved into length lessons, and who are slightly older. 

in 2015 she completed her RLSS Lifeguard qualification and not long after this she undertook her ASA teaching qualifications of Level 1 and 2, which enabled her to expand her knowledge in all the technical aspects of swimming and this enabled her to run her own lessons. These qualifications have opened various doors and opportunities.

As well as working at CJBAS, Becka also lifeguards at Calday Grange pool and has taught the primary schools that attend here, through the national curriculum. Beck has a strong passion for swimming and wants to pursue her career and teach abroad in the near future helping children young and old, nervous and confident, to further enjoy this important life long skill.


Anna Holmes


Anna began helping at CJB in 2015 with the Duckling groups. Once she started working with children she realised that this was something she wanted to pursue and soon afterwards completed her STA Full teaching Level 2 qualification in August 2017 which enabled her to take on more responsibility and gain more knowledge of teaching.

Anna has been a competitive swimmer at Hoylake Swimming Club since 2008. During this time her passion for swimming began to develop. This inspired her to begin volunteering at Hoylake, on a weekly basis, helping the younger members of the club to improve their technique and skills required for competitions and gala swimming.

Since completing her Teaching qualification , Anna has gained experience in running both Duckling and Goldfish classes on a Tuesday and a Sunday (as well as helping with all the other standards )  and enjoys helping the children to improve. Anna is a very caring, patient teacher and the children particularly warm to her gentle nature.

Anna is currently studying in the 6th form Upton Hall School and in the future hopes to study Medicine at University in 2019.







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