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Terms & Conditions

1. All places are booked on a first come first served basis. Clients book for a full term of lessons which you are committed to; January - Easter, Easter - July and September - Christmas. 


2. Priority booking is given to renewing members. If you do not book within allocated time, spaces will be become open bookings to those on the waiting list. There will be no holding of places if no deposit given.

A late payment fee of £10 per child will be added to the rebooking price if a client wishes to keep their childs day and time. This condition only applies once the given re-booking period has ended.


3. Booking confirmation strictly upon payment via BACS.

4. Refunds will not be given unless satisfactory reasons are given. This is at the discretion of either Charlotte or Corinne.


5. Whilst ours staff are reliable and professional, on rare occasions individual staff members may be unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances /illness. Every effort is made to provide a replacement as soon as possible.


6. In the unlikely event of a pool closure we will offer “make-up” lessons and if this is not possible, credit notes will be given in lieu of future payment for future lessons.


7. CJBAS hires the pool from Birkenhead High School and is therefore not directly responsible for the pool maintenance. This means that occasionally we encounter problems beyond our control. This happens very rarely as the pool is well maintained, but occasionally short notice changes may be necessary.


8. Re-booking, including payment, normally occurs 2/3 weeks before end of each term, where an opportunity is given to buy badges and certificates


9. Baggy shorts are not permitted. It is also a requirement that a swimming cap is worn.

10. Currently the school are not allowing parents to watch children from poolside. However you can view from the window. Any queries should be asked once the lesson has finished or more conveniently via our email, in order to allow the teacher to start teaching the next group.


11. All Instructors are qualified and experienced swimming teachers. They hold the relevant ASA/STA certificate(s) and are registered members of the IoS. All hold current DBS checks. Majority of our staff are Lifeguards who receive proper training (RLSS National Pool Lifeguarding Qualification).


12. As some physical contact with your child is unavoidable all staff adheres to the ASA Child Protection Procedures.


13. Please be aware that there is a maximum age limit for a child to enter the changing rooms of the opposite sex (7 years old). Older children must enter poolside using the correct entrance. (THIS IS CURRENTLY NOT IN USE)


14. Parents are responsible for children in the changing area. It is not the responsibility of our staff to look after pupils prior to their arrival on the poolside.


15. If parents are away from the changing area, they should return 5 minutes before the lesson ends as children can become distressed if a parent is not available. In addition, behaviour in the changing rooms is important as we are hiring the facilities.


16. Shoes must be removed or covered (re-usable blue coverslips are provided) before going on to poolside.


17. CJBAS does not accept responsibility for any damage or loss of property or articles left on the premises. Personal belongings are left at the owner’s risk.


18. All parents and swimmers must agree and adhere to the CJB Academy of Swimming Code of Conduct.

19. No mobile devices with cameras allowed on poolside or in changing rooms.

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